Unverified Commit dd135c62 authored by Lunny Xiao's avatar Lunny Xiao Committed by GitHub
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Fix release link broken (#18252)

Co-authored-by: default avatarwxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
parent 69a28299
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
<a href="{{.Publisher.HomeLink}}">{{.Publisher.Name}}</a>
{{ end }}
<span class="ahead"><a href="{{$.RepoLink}}/compare/{{.TagName | PathEscapeSegments}}...{{.Target | PathEscapeSegments}}">{{$.i18n.Tr "repo.release.ahead.commits" .NumCommitsBehind | Str2html}}</a> {{$.i18n.Tr "repo.release.ahead.target" $.DefaultBranch}}</span>
<span class="ahead"><a href="{{$.RepoLink}}/compare/{{.TagName | PathEscapeSegments}}{{if .Target}}...{{.Target | PathEscapeSegments}}{{end}}">{{$.i18n.Tr "repo.release.ahead.commits" .NumCommitsBehind | Str2html}}</a> {{$.i18n.Tr "repo.release.ahead.target" $.DefaultBranch}}</span>
<div class="download">
{{if $.Permission.CanRead $.UnitTypeCode}}
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