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Improve the comment for 2FA filter in admin panel (#18017)

Replace TODO with explanation
Co-authored-by: default avatarwxiaoguang <wxiaoguang@gmail.com>
parent 696521b3
......@@ -107,7 +107,9 @@ func (opts *SearchUserOptions) toSearchQueryBase() *xorm.Session {
// 2fa filter uses LEFT JOIN to check whether a user has a 2fa record
// TODO: bad performance here, maybe there will be a column "is_2fa_enabled" in the future
// While using LEFT JOIN, sometimes the performance might not be good, but it won't be a problem now, such SQL is seldom executed.
// There are some possible methods to refactor this SQL in future when we really need to optimize the performance (but not now):
// (1) add a column in user table (2) add a setting value in user_setting table (3) use search engines (bleve/elasticsearch)
if opts.IsTwoFactorEnabled.IsTrue() {
cond = cond.And(builder.Expr("two_factor.uid IS NOT NULL"))
} else {
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