Unverified Commit 696521b3 authored by Norwin's avatar Norwin Committed by GitHub
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fix regression from #16075 (#18260)

we don't want reviews to count towards comments, as this needs changes
in other components as well (eg repo stats cron job, etc).
Co-authored-by: default avatar6543 <6543@obermui.de>
parent f635d603
......@@ -835,13 +835,12 @@ func updateCommentInfos(ctx context.Context, opts *CreateCommentOptions, comment
case CommentTypeReview:
case CommentTypeComment:
if _, err = e.Exec("UPDATE `issue` SET num_comments=num_comments+1 WHERE id=?", opts.Issue.ID); err != nil {
return err
case CommentTypeReview:
// Check attachments
attachments, err := repo_model.GetAttachmentsByUUIDs(ctx, opts.Attachments)
if err != nil {
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